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‘Demographic data – 2011, a matter of concern’ : Arun Kumar 

“The demographic data of 2011 census speak of unbalanced growth of population amongst various groups which is defying the target of population control policy of 2000. There is a need for the people to ponder over why religious groups of Indian origin are shrinking in population growth compared to population of a religious group,” said, Akhil Bharatiya Sah Sampark Pramukh Arun Kumar while speaking at a seminar organized on ‘Demographic Data 2011 – A Matter of Concern’ by Pragya Pravah at Ravindra Rang Manch on Monday.
Retired IAS officer RN Arvind who was the chief guest on the occasion said,
“There is a need of proper population control policy to ensure that there is no undue stress on the resources of the nation. Unplanned growth of population may result in several problems.”
The event was attended by literati and prominent personalities concerned about problems faced by the nation.